FN 503 Right Side Carry IWB Holster

SKU: FN20A-A409

The ANR appendix holster for the FN 503. The holster is optics ready, suppressor height sight ready (up to 0.450" tall), and threaded barrel compatible. The holster will also with the optic length of the Trijicon SRO. The ANR holster is vacuum formed, and CNC cut for the perfect fit. The concealment claw utilizes the pressure from the end users belt to rotate the grip of the gun into the body. This feature elevates concealment and helps conceal larger firearms with the easy of a micro carry. The belt clip fits belts of 1.5" width. It's always recommended to use a gun belt when carrying any holster. It will ensure the best possible concealment and carry potential of concealment holsters. The holster was designed for appendix style carry, but can also be comfortably carried at the 4 o'clock position as well.

The Holster is designed to be carried on the right side, and is not compatible with the 503 Lasermax Light.

Right Side Carry. 

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