For Immediate Release

We have received numerous inquiries regarding the identity of the FN Gnome. The following is all the information currently available to the public. Additional details will be forthcoming when they are authorized for release.

FN Gnome
Alias: FN Gnome. Gnome Kingdom Name: Chinsmakker.
Born: 23 October 1892, Liege, Belgium. Years in service: 105.
Current location: Unknown. Last known location: Eastern Afghanistan.
Professional profile:Reconnaissance, small unit operations, direct action missions, raids, subterranean ops, and general chaos.
Documentation of Earliest Service: …rumored photographs exist of service throughout WWII European Theater, Korea, Vietnam, across the African continent, and the areas of Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria. Also there is evidence of the FN Gnome being present at Up Helly AA and a goat throwing festival in Mexico. Nothing confirmed.