AR15 Barrel 16" BB M16 5.56 Carbine

SKU: FN19A-A331
Manufacturer part number: 20-100039

FN AR­15 premium button rifled barrels are are manufactured using U.S. sourced Chrome Moly Venadium material per Mil-B-11595E. Each barrel is High Pressure Tested (HPT) and Magnetic Particle Inspected (MPI) to ensure that it is free of micro­stresses or flaws, resulting in consistency and quality in every barrel shipped from the factory. The bore and chamber are chrome lined to help resist corrosion and provide resistance to heat erosion which greatly improves barrel life and reliable chambering / extraction. The M4 style feed ramps and barrel extension provide consistent feeding and the matte black Manganese Phosphate finish resists external corrosion and oxidation. Currently available in a chambering of 5.56 x 45mm in the following profiles and gas system lengths 10.5" Government Carbine, 14.7" Government Midlength, 14.7" M4 Carbine, 16" M4 Carbine, 16" Government Carbine, 16" Government Midlength, 18" Government Rifle, 20" Government Rifle.

-Chrome lined to resist corrosion
-MPI and HPT to ensure barrel is free of microstresses or flaws

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